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Easy Resume Creator Pro

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does the free trial period last?
    15 days.

  • What are the hardware and software requirements to run Easy Resume Creator Pro?
    Your computer system should have as a minium the following items:
    Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 (with SP3 or newer), Windows 2000 (SP1 or newer), XP (SP1) or Windows Vista.
    Pentium processor, 20 MB free disk space, 512 MB of RAM.
    Internet Explorer 5.0 or newer.
    Microsoft Word 97 or later is required to export a resume to Microsoft Word.

  • What is the difference between the Private, Business, and Academic licenses?
    The Private license allows a single user, who can create and maintain up to five user profiles. The Business license is issued to companies and allows them to create an unlimited number of user profiles. The Academic license is issued to colleges, universities, and libraries, allowing an unlimited number of user profiles.

  • I have purchased a Private license. Now, I would like to upgrade it to a Business license. Do I have to pay the full cost of a Business license? No. You pay only the difference between the costs of a Private and Business licenses.

  • What formats does the program use to save resumes?
    You can save your resume in any of the following formats: Microsoft Word, plain text, HTML, and HR-XML.

  • Do you have any product to be install on website and users are able to create their resume and save it?
    Yes, you can use our Internet-based software service - Resume for All - that enables individuals create, email, print and access resumes and cover letters from any PC that’s online.
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